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After the very successful launch of our exclusive Barbarian Ultra Light 5'6 Spinning rod, we decided to develop a reel that would compliment the rod in both compactness and lightness. When selecting an ultra light rod and reel set up for finesse fishing it needs to be lightweight and sensitive. Line capacity is not too crucial when shopping for the right reel as most anglers use a thin braided line for this exciting facet of fishing, which means that the reel's line lay needs to be perfect to ensure smooth casting. The Barbarian 800  features 7 ball bearings and carbon fibre drag washers, as well as a super light carbon fibre rotor. This compact little reel is proof that dynamite comes is small packages as it is not only built to last, but also a pleasure to fish with when targeting Bass on ultra light tackle. The Barbarian 800 has also gained popularity among Bream fishermen thanks to its size and weight.

- High Strength Lightweight Graphite Body

- Zero Reverse One Way Clutch

- Strong Machined Aluminium Handle

- Custom CNC Metal Grip 

 Bearings Gear Ratio Line Capacity
6+1 5.0:1 .18mm-130m , .20mm-100m , .25mm-90m